10/13 Update: Due to inclement weather in the forecast, please note our ADJUSTED HOURS for this weekend: We will be CLOSED on Friday. Saturday we will be OPEN regular hours 10-10 but only the corn maze, hayride, pumpkin yard, and concessions will be available. (The Fun Zone will be closed.) All activities will be OPEN as usual Sunday 11-6. Please check our Facebook page for updates. Thank you!

Giant corn maze at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)

Giant Corn Maze

Giant corn maze at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)
Flashlight nights in the corn maze at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)
Activities in the corn maze for all ages at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)

Get Lost!

Be prepared to get lost on a fantastic adventure inside our 5-acre Giant Maize Quest® Corn Maze or explore our Mini Corn Maze for a quicker adventure or for those with littles who want a scaled down experience!

Spend quality time together with your family, friends, or group sharing experiences. The maze is the ultimate experience because you are lost and must work through the challenge together. This will allow you to share the victory together.

Giant corn maze at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)

A new maze theme each year!

Follow us on Facebook for our “Guess the Maze Theme” game and find out the 2024 corn maze theme!

Fun & Learning in the Maze

Inside the maze, you will find twisting pathways, questions and answers, and picture rubbings. It’s a maze, it’s a game, it’s educational, and it’s FUN!

Activities in the corn maze for all ages at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)
Couple enjoying flashlight nights at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)

Come try our maze in the dark FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights in October from 6PM until 9PM for a different twist! Be sure to bring a flashlight in case you “get lost!”

Past Mazes

2023 African Safari Adventure corn maze theme at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)


The 2023 corn maze theme is “AFRICAN SAFARI ADVENTURE!” Explore twisting pathways and games in the maze! As you navigate the maze, learn all about the amazing animals and wild lands of the African plains.

2022 Expedition Everest corn maze theme at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)


The 2022 corn maze theme is “EXPEDITION EVEREST!” Join us on an adventure as we explore the highest place on Earth: Mount Everest. If the weather doesn’t get you, maybe the legendary Yeti will! As you navigate the maze, learn about the conditions and inhabitants of this incredible wonder located in the Himalayas of south-central Asia.

2023 Alien Encountercorn maze theme at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)


The 2021 corn maze theme was “ALIEN ENCOUNTER!” The maze design featured a farmer and his farm animals getting beamed up into a UFO. As visitors explored the maze, they investigated the mysterious world of aliens, UFO’s, and conspiracy theories! Do aliens exist? You tell us!


The 2020 Corn Maze theme was “THE WIZARD OF OZ” based on the well-loved book and motion picture! We’re not in Kansas anymore! This maze featured the famous characters: Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion PLUS Auntie Em’s house getting tossed about by a tornado. As guests explored the maze, they learned facts about the original MGM film and enjoyed photo ops with Dorothy and Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion!


The 2019 Corn Maze theme was “THE BIG TOP!” Welcome to the “Big Top” where you experience excitement, laughter, and intrigue – acts that are far from ordinary, beyond extraordinary. The corn maze theme was a look at a tradition dating back to the 1700’s. As visitors went through the maze, they learned facts about the circus and enjoyed photo ops with a ringmaster, a bear on a bicycle, and more!


The 2018 Corn Maze theme was “Pirate Treasure.” Ahoy, mateys! Take to the high seas of the Golden Age of Piracy to discover the history and surprising customs of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Visitors wound their way through our giant pirate ship corn maze while learning all about this exciting time.


The 2017 Corn Maze theme was “Pure Michigan.” We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Harvest Moon Acres Corn Maze & Fun Park! In honor of this milestone and the great state that we live in, we celebrated all things MICHIGAN!

As visitors explored our giant corn maze, they learned fun facts about the state of Michigan. From the shores of the Great Lakes to the fields and farmlands that burst with cherries, tulips, and other crops – our state boasts many innovations, great locations and attractions to visit, and rich culture to enjoy!


The 2016 Corn Maze theme was “Deep Sea Adventure.” Can you find Nemo or Dori in our new 2016 Deep Sea Adventure maze? Guests plunged into a world of mystery where exotic creatures lurk and secrets awaited discovery and they learned the strange characteristics of each ocean layer down to the crushing depth of ocean trenches.


In 2015, our theme was the “Wild West Adventure.” Guests journeyed through the taming of the American West. They were able to explore outlaws, cowboys, Indians, the gold rush, and the great railroad.


In 2014, guests discovered how cool the Ice Age really was. The “Chill Out” theme explored extinct exotic creatures, dynamics of weather, and what we know about our ancestors. Guests “chilled out” while learning about this really cool time period.


In 2013, guests could take a journey to the South Seas to explore the exotic islands of Polynesia. Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island form the corners of a triangle encompassing 1000 unique and beautiful Pacific gems. The “Island Adventure” corn maze design included a Polynesian mask, island natives, a volcano, and more. Guests learned all about these exotic islands at our 12 game stations placed at various spots in the maze.

2012 Vote corn maze theme at Harvest Moon Acres (Gobles, MI)


Our inaugural corn maze theme was “Vote 2012”. Visitors walked through our capitol building-themed maze and learned about the importance of voting and the heritage of our freedoms, passed down from our founding fathers. Thanks to all who made our first corn maze season a success!

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