Giant Maize Quest® Corn Maze - Located between Grand Rapids, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana

Corn Maze

Be prepared to get lost on a fantastic adventure. Inside our 5-acre Giant Maize Quest® Corn Maze, you will find twisting pathways, questions and answers, and picture rubbings. It's a maze, it's a game, it's educational, and it's FUN!

Spend quality time together with your family, friends, or group sharing experiences. The maze is the ultimate experience because you are lost and must work through the challenge together. This will allow you to share the victory together.

2016 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2016

The 2016 Corn Maze theme is "Deep Sea Adventure." Can you find Nemo or Dori in our new 2016 Deep Sea Adventure maze? Plunge into a world of mystery where exotic creatures lurk and secrets await discovery. Learn the strange characteristics of each ocean layer down to the crushing depth of ocean trenches.

Flashlight Nights

Be sure to visit us at night for Flashlight Nights - a totally unique experience in the maze. [more info]

Past mazes

2015 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2015

In 2015, our theme was the "Wild West Adventure." Guests journeyed through the taming of the American West. They were able to explore outlaws, cowboys, Indians, the gold rush, and the great railroad.

2014 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2014

In 2014, guests discovered how cool the Ice Age really was. The "Chill Out" theme explored extinct exotic creatures, dynamics of weather, and what we know about our ancestors. Guests "chilled out" while learning about this really cool time period.

2013 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2013 - Island Adventure

In 2013, guests could take a journey to the South Seas to explore the exotic islands of Polynesia. Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island form the corners of a triangle encompassing 1000 unique and beautiful Pacific gems. The "Island Adventure" corn maze design included a Polynesian mask, island natives, a volcano, and more. Guests learned all about these exotic islands at our 12 game stations placed at various spots in the maze.

2012 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2012

Our inaugural corn maze theme was "Vote 2012". Visitors walked through our capitol building-themed maze and learned about the importance of voting and the heritage of our freedoms, passed down from our founding fathers. Thanks to all who made our first corn maze season a success!